This week's blog post covers all the answers to your concerns about the best time to get married in Asheville. We're covering all four seasons and listing the pros and cons of each one. Although, the best way to decide your wedding date is to pick it based on what works best for yourself and your partner (and family and friends, if so be it). Let's dive right in!

The Best Time To Get Married in Asheville

Winter Weddings

First up is Winter! Although most brides don't usually traditionally choose this season, it's actually one of my favorite times of the year to photograph my clients. As someone who isn't super fond of the extremely hot temperatures that the warmer months bring, I'm so down for all the cooler season temps. As I promised, listed are some pros and cons of choosing. And I must say, these are all my opinions and what I have gotten to experience in my career over the last ten years as an Asheville wedding photographer.

Winter Wedding Pros:

  • No sweating when it's chilly!
  • Winter accessories like fur shrugs or wraps, leather jackets, boots, and capes
  • The use of fireplaces or firepits (think Smores)
  • Unique options such as domes or igloos
  • Neutral color palettes such as browns, whites, tans, and greenery
  • The awesome chance of having snow in your photos!

Winter Wedding Cons:

  • Older guests might not be able to take the colder temps
  • Unexpected flight delays or traffic issues due to inclement weather
  • Indoor venue options only, which can lack natural light
  • An early sunset because of daylight savings time

Couple snuggled together outside in the cold during their winter wedding.
Neutral winter wedding reception table decor.
Bride hugging her faux fur stole to keep herself warm during her winter wedding.

Spring Weddings

Next on the list is the second most popular, springtime! Spring is such a great choice for so many different reasons. It's a great combination of cool and warm temperatures and everything is fresh and in bloom. There are also a lot more options available for your bouquets and this time is a lot of florists' favorite time of the year for that reason specifically. Peonies, tulips, hydrangeas are just a few of our favorite types that we've seen in springtime wedding bouquets. My husband and I actually considered Spring for our own wedding and here are all of the reasons why, and a few reasons why we decided to ultimately go with Fall.

Spring Wedding Pros:

  • Pastel, bright colored color palettes that include pinks, purples, yellows and light blues
  • Cooler outside temps
  • Gorgeous florals for bouquets as well as florals blooming around your venue
  • Higher vendor availability due to the wedding off-season

Spring Wedding Cons:

  • A very high possibility of rain
  • If you have seasonal allergies, an outdoor wedding may not be a great fit
  • The outdoor temps could still be very unpredictable

Bride holding a gorgeous spring bouquet and a large floral piece at her feet.
Spring wedding cake with pink and purple icing flowers sitting on a sweetheart wedding table.
Bride and groom hugged together while standing underneath a large cherry blossom tree.

Summer Weddings

Following Spring on the list is Summer! Although I think most people seem to think that this season is much more popular than actually is for wedding vendors. In reality, Summer is our least popular time of the year to exchange vows. Most likely because people really want to avoid the extreme heat and all of the pesky mosquitoes. But there are some pros to this time as well and below are a few reasons why we think you should consider it.

Summer Wedding Pros:

  • If you don't like colder weather, this is the safest time of the year for your date
  • Your guests have lots more options for attire
  • Late, warm and golden sunsets- the best of the year!
  • Ice cream and cold drinks are always a hit
  • Summer color palettes that include brighter reds, oranges, blues, and greens

Summer Wedding Cons

  • The hotter weather causes sweaty photos, especially for grooms in full suits
  • The bugs, such as mosquitos or bees
  • Evening thunderstorms are common
  • Higher bar tabs because the heat increases the want for cold drinks
Bridesmaids in their jewel-toned dresses surrounding the bride with smiles and laughter.
Amanda walking towards the camera holding her colorful bouquet and looking off in the distance.
Reception table with long, floral centerpieces at the Farm A Gathering Place.

Fall Weddings

I know this is probably the section you were looking for! Fall weddings in Asheville are INSANELY popular. Without being too biased on the subject, this time of year just checks all of the boxes. Its cool, crisp weather cannot be beaten. As an October bride myself, I have nothing but positive things to say about this season. Personally, it's my favorite time to shoot weddings and engagement sessions and you'll see that our portfolio is full of colorful leaves and darker decor. But to be fair, I've still listed some examples of both to even the playing field!

Fall Wedding Pros:

  • Cooler weather, normally with a breeze
  • Gorgeous Fall color palettes including jewel tones: burgundy, oranges, emerald, black, and velvets
  • Fall wedding attire which includes long sleeves, colored wedding dresses, and boots
  • The autumn leaves are changing colors, making the scenery absolutely breathtaking
  • Fall foods such as pumpkin, apple, warm drinks, and Thanksgiving meal options

Fall Wedding Cons:

  • The possibility of colder temps or snow- rare, but possible!
  • The sun sets earlier than other seasonal options
  • Wedding vendors book up years in advance- so act early if you go this route
Couple underneath an autumn tree before their Fall elopement.
Halloween wedding reception table from a wedding at Homewood in Asheville.
Chelsey swaying her wedding dress train back and forth by the river.

If you were looking for an answer for the best time to get married in Asheville, I truly hope I was able to break down each section well enough for you to really consider the options. It's not always easy deciding on a wedding date, but it can be helpful to see the "why's" of each season and how they will affect you and your decision. At the end of the day, you have to choose what is best for yourself and your partner; considering scheduling, family availability, and lifestyle.

Best of luck in your journey, and don't forget to look around the blog to see more images from each type of wedding! Cheers!