Abby and Mike's Blue Ridge Mountains wedding was something right out of a magazine. We were just so honored to be a part of it and from the minute we left, I was looking forward to writing it all out to share in a blog post for the week. With luck, you might be here because you are also interested in having a wedding in the mountains. So with that being said, here are all of our favorite details from the day, and hopefully, some of them might help with your own wedding planning questions.

Blue Ridge Mountains Wedding

Living in Asheville, North Carolina brings quite a lot of perks. The biggest one most likely is the incredible view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Although I've lived her my entire life, there is still such a breathlessness to seeing the mountains go for miles and miles. It's even more awesome when we get to see our couples tie the knot with a picture-perfect view spread out behind them.

Burnsville, NC

Technically, I don't live in Asheville but just a short 30-minute drive outside. I grew up in the small town of Burnsville, North Carolina and that's where I still reside and am raising my own child today. I'm very lucky because I get the best of both worlds: the incredible views without the hustle of the city, but the ability to hop in the car and make a short trip to all the best restaurants and small businesses in AVL.

However, 99% of our weddings and elopements are actually in Asheville, Charlotte, or Greenville- all of the bigger cities. We almost never get the chance to shoot events in our own little town. A few months ago, I got an inquiry on The Knot from Abagail who was, to my surprise, looking for a wedding photographer right in Burnsville. Although the two of them currently lived in Boston, they were coming into town to get married on a piece of local property that was owned by a family member. I was absolutely overjoyed to hear that we would get an opportunity to showcase our backyard- no really, it was a 5-minute drive from our house!

Can You Get Married on the Blue Ridge Parkway?

You can get married on the Blue Ridge Parkway! There are tons of little trails and waterfalls that many of our clients choose for their intimate Asheville elopements. There are also more than enough venues to choose from that showcase the mountains as well. These two chose a private, family-owned mountaintop to exchange vows, but there are so many other options in the area if you are on the lookout.

Abby and Mike

There are so many details about this day and I'm not sure just how to fit them all in one blog post. To start, Abby's wedding dress was her own mother's repurposed gown. Her grandmother, mother, and aunt had all gotten married in the dress and Abby wanted to do the same. Her best friend and maid-of-honor, Maxine, redesigned the dress and completely transformed it into a unique, strapless gown that fit her like a glove! Everyone was in tears seeing her mother's reaction to it the first time she walked out of the house.

The property was family-owned and passed down for generations. What used to be just a little cabin on the tip-top of the mountain is now a huge family compound hosting multiple mansions, ponds, tennis courts, and pavilions. I've lived in this little town for almost 28 years and still never had a clue this gorgeous piece of land existed!

The ceremony was small and short- very familiar to my very own elopement with my husband back in 2019. They were surrounded by their closest family and friends, totaling only 33 guests including the bridal party and bride and groom! Just as the couple was set to walk down the aisle, storm clouds rolled in and the rain began to sprinkle. Not only that, but a clap of thunder roared during Michael's vows. But instead of a rainy wedding day, we got the most perfect, overcast, cool summer breeze. We couldn't have asked for anything better!

Intimate Farm To Table Reception

And finally, the intimate, farm-to-table reception was set up a short walk down the gravel road. There were 33 place settings underneath a gorgeous, wooden beam pavilion overlooking the pond. The florals were hand-picked wildflowers that Abby's own mother picked a few days before the wedding. They made for great centerpieces on the farm tables. However, the best part of the night was the absolutely incredible farm fresh, local catering. Our plate was covered in freshly cooked veggies and organic fruits. One of our favorite reception meals of all time!

Their Blue Ridge Mountains wedding was such an incredible experience and we were so glad to have been a part of it!

Vintage dress hanging on a wooden bridal hanger.
Abby's wedding gown hanging in a window on the bridal cabin.
A handwritten note for the bride from her groom to read before the ceremony begins.
Abby looking into the mirror as she has her bridal hair and makeup done.
The mother of the bride holding back tears as she sees her daughter for the first time.
Abby and her bridesmaids holding their wildflower bouquets and laughing together.
The bride holding a wild bouquet as she looks off to the side in seriousness.
A close-up of Abby's turquoise necklace and opal earrings in her wedding dress.
The father of the bride walking his daughter down the aisle to her groom-to-be.
Mike looking at Abby with tears in his eyes as he sees her walking down the aisle towards him.
A gorgeous view from Abby and Mike's Blue Ridge Mountains wedding.

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