Sarah and Chris knew they wanted something full of foliage and greenery and their Biltmore Engagement photos were exactly that. I'll save the good details for the post below, but just know how obsessed I am with this session, and always get so excited to return here each time. Check out all the reasons why below!

Chris dipping Sarah for a kiss with the sun setting behind them.

Biltmore Estate Engagement Photos

The majority of my clients are from out of town and come into Asheville just to have coffee with us or to schedule their engagement photos. The number one question I receive when booking a session with new clients is: where should we do our engagement session? And although I really can't answer that for you, I will always happily help.

First and foremost, I always recommend my clients choose a location that is meaningful and embraces who they are as a couple. If they still can't come up with any credible ideas, then I will step in and do my part!

The Biltmore Estate offers so many incredible options for engagement photo locations in Asheville. It's super diverse and you can use it for several different looks or styles while shooting at the same place. Which makes it a great choice for my couples!

Photo-Worthy Locations

Here are some of the best photo spots on the grounds:

  • The Front Lawn - A classic spot and one of the most well-known and iconic photo locations that I know you have seen plastered all over Pinterest. It's a gorgeous view of the house itself with grass stretching for yards and a large fountain directly in the center. It's also an option for a ceremony spot if you are tying the knot on the estate grounds- that is, if you are ready to fork out some serious cash!

  • The Upper Lawn- Also another great option if you want a house view without the hustle of all the tourists walking by. It's a bit of a walk, but worth it once you get to the top. It's also another great ceremony location if you are looking to have a Biltmore Estate wedding.

  • The South Terrace- This is a popular spot if you are interested in photos with a mountain view. With nearly 360 views of the mountains, it's a breathtaking spot and it's probably my go-to referral for photo places in Asheville without a hike. No hiking is required to use this location and it's just so awesome!

  • The Gardens- If you are wanting a springtime session, this is a great choice. The gardens are absolutely incredible, with hundreds of different types of flowers and plants and so many different paths and trails to choose from. The Estate also has an experienced gardener that lives on the grounds so there is 24/7 attention to detail.

The Biltmore Conservatory

And lastly, the conservatory is located right below the outdoor gardens. This was the vibe that Sarah and Chris wanted for their images- a romantic garden that almost brings a little secretive feel to it. It's so much fun getting to explore the flowers and plants with my couples as they frolic through them!

Sarah hugging up to her fiance laughing underneath the palm leaves.
The couple snuggling noses together in the Biltmore conservatory.
A sweet couple holding hands and looking into one another's eyes on the garden pathway.
An engaged couple holds hand side by side while smiling towards the camera.
Sarah on her tippy toes touching noses with Chris and laughing.
Sarah and Chris cuddle together while standing in between the overgrown gardens.
Newly engaged couple walking towards the camera and smiling at eachother.
A couple standing in the plants together, cuddling up in the conservatory.
With the sun setting behind them, Sarah and Chris walk together down the path.
A sunset engagement session at the Biltmore Conservatory in Asheville, NC.
Sarah and Chris smiling towards the camera while hugging underneath the willows.\

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