Traveling across the world photographing weddings on film

The question I get most often with my inquiries is: Can we see a 35mm film wedding gallery? And the answer is OF COURSE! It would be an absolute honor to share a gallery with anyone considering hiring us their hybrid wedding photographers. At this point in time, we currently offer only digital and film packages. But in the next few years, we certainly imagine offering a fully film package for the clients who want to go full nostalgia.

A Hybrid Wedding Photography Experience

So, what does our digital and film package look like? I don't mean the technicalities of the package- I mean what the process looks like from the very beginning until the very end. After booking with us and securing your date, it's a pretty laid back process. That of which I am more than happy to walk you through if you send me an email!

Since our focus in this post is on our film experience, I'm leaving out all the in-betweens for now.

For your engagement session, it will be just me photographing. You'll have one or two rolls of film for this session, depending upon what package you choose or if you add any a la carte film rolls. When I dual shoot solo, I have a harness with two cameras: one digital camera and one film camera. I carry a third film camera on a strap around my neck- so three total. And yes, I do see a chiropractor!

On the wedding day, I'll have the same set-up plus another photographer who will be shooting with one or two cameras (depending upon the timeline, details, etc.). The number of film rolls for the wedding also completely depends upon which package you choose or if you want to add any extras. Our average couple has 4-6 rolls of 35mm film.

It takes about 4 weeks total for me to send the film off, get the scans back and then touch-up the scans. Sometimes upwards of 6 weeks if it's busy season. You can pay an extra fee for a quicker lab turnaround if your heart desires to see them as quickly as possible!

These gorgeous scans were made by our friends over at PhotoVision Lab.

What is film photography really about?

Truthfully, I could probably spend the next 20 hours of my life writing out all of the reasons why film is such a special part of my business model and even my own personal life. If you'd like to read a little bit more about some FAQ regarding film photography, click here to read another blog post I wrote that you might just love! You can read more about it over there, but it really is mainly all about the nostalgic effect, the patience and excitement of the unknowing, and the uniqueness of each individual shot. These are all things that you never get while photographing digitally. It truly is it's own unique experience and something that you'll cherish for a lifetime. I'm so incredibly proud to be able to share something so special with each of my clients.

What should I expect in my film photos?

Firstly, expect mistakes. Expect grain, light leaks, blurry photos, out of focus images and embrace all of those. Most film cameras were manufactured over 20+ years ago so each of your images is a little piece of history in some ways. The act of shooting 35mm film is all about the unknown and the vintage origins that it stems from! Although most of my film images are perfect, I get lucky every so often get that gorgeous blur or out of focus image.

Secondly, expect that glorious film "filter". Something that is still not truly been replicated by digital photographers (although we sure do try!). It's a look that you can really only get when shooting authentic rolls of film. A color, a fade, an overall vibe that sends you straight back in time to 1995.

Have other film questions?

Feel free to reach out to me directly if you can't find your answer around our blog. I'm more than happy to walk you through the process and hear more about all the details of your own day. Fill out the form below so we can get in touch!!