Anna Claire and Kit wanted something special for their city engagement photos in Downtown Asheville. When they initially reached out to book with us, they told me about their vision for their photo experience. It just so happened to be an exact fit for what we offer stylistically. They were looking for someone who could capture their images in a classic, editorial and timeless way. They didn't feel drawn to a field of flowers or boho-style weddings. Anna Claire knew she wanted a downtown, city feels to both her pre-wedding and wedding photos. Not only that, but her close friend and bridesmaid was a recent past bride of ours and when she reached out, she said "I want my images to have the exact same feel as Hanna's!". You can check those photos out here.

Romantic, Editorial Engagement Photography

One of the biggest parts of creating a romantic feeling in my sessions is working around the sun. Unfortunately, I can't control the weather (yet????). So I try and communicate and make it clear to my couples that, if at all possible, being flexible on dates can be really helpful in the process. I know it's not always able to work this way, but when it is, it's always worth the flexibility. There is something so warm and intimate about getting to photograph couples sharing their love as the sun sets behind them.

Golden Hour Perks

Oh, where do I start? The warmth and glow that just makes every person feel and look incredible. There is such happiness to popping a bottle of champagne at golden hour and kissing one another until the moment the sun falls behind the skyline.

I've convince you already, haven't I?

A few other pros to scheduling around the sun:

  • Lens flares and sun glares- an absolute LOVE of mine. They give such a unique and creative feeling to images if you use them correctly.
  • Warmth- A type of feeling that just naturally makes you feel the love!
  • Technically, it's the perfect lighting for photographers to work with. All the technical setting stars align during this time. Anytime I don't have to artificial lighting is a win for me!
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A Few Of Our Favorite Places For City Engagement Photos

If you are wanting city engagement photos in Downtown Asheville, I'm your girl. But Asheville isn't the only city I photograph couples in! I'm super lucky to be able to travel all over the country (and the world!) to capture the best moments of my clients lives in so many of the most well known cities.

A few of our favorites and where we recommended our couples to consider:

  • New York City
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Greenville, SC
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Washington, DC

These are some of the very best city locations- gorgeous, practically breathtaking skylines and each of these bring a luxury, downtown feel. Just reach out if you have questions or need any specific location recommendations at the cities listed above.

Engagement Photos on 35mm Film

One of our favorite parts of each session is getting to shoot some of the images with our 35mm cameras. We recently started offering the add-on option to all of our packages so that each couple has the ability to have their moments captured in a unique, vintage way. If you'd like to learn more about hiring a hybrid or film photographer for your own events, click here.

After waiting the typical 2-3 weeks for the turnaround, these scans were AWESOME. Particularly because they had some extra fun film effects such as dust, scratches and grain. I was over the moon excited to share these and cannot wait to capture both film and digital captures from Anna Claire and Kit's upcoming wedding!

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