Carrie and Mark's Downtown Asheville Engagement Session brings me so much joy. It was one of my first sessions back after my maternity leave, and it's one that I still find myself sharing all over my website and social media accounts. So I'm using their photos to talk about what it's like to have downtown engagement photos!

Downtown Asheville Engagement Session

I am nothing less than obsessed with all of the awesome options for a downtown Asheville engagement session. But if you are a regular here, I know you already know my favorite spots in the area! That's right, the downtown rooftop parking garages. My all-time favorite spots for all kinds of photos around town. The view goes booth ways: a 180 skyline view of the city and a 180 view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It's a great combination of both and it's truly such a gorgeous spot. However, there are so many other options if you are wanting a downtown Asheville engagement session. I've listed them all down below, so scroll down and read the list to see if there is one you'd be interested in for your own photos.

Carrie and Mark

These two were an absolute dream- from their fun personalities all the way to their perfect engagement photo outfits. I can't help but fall for a gorgeous, black dress. I especially love when my clients opt for a more formal dress for their engagement sessions. I'm so into it! We got so lucky because an hour before our session there was an absolute downpour rainstorm and we weren't totally sure if we were even going to be able to shoot. But by the time we made it to the rooftop level, the rain had stopped and we were graced with some AMAZING post-storm rainclouds. They made for a perfect backdrop behind the city.

Although there are a ton of different places to choose from, this area will always be the first choice and top referral because I'm a die-hard fan of a city view and a skyline.

Locations For Photos in Downtown Asheville

There are so many different options throughout the city to choose from. Some of our favorites are:

  • Rooftop Parking Garages
  • Grove Arcade
  • Local Coffee Shops and Restaurants
  • Buncombe County Courthouse Court Plaza
  • Pack Square
  • Graffiti Alleyways
  • Breweries such as Wicked Weed, High Wire and Thirsty Monk

And often times, my clients and I just walk the streets and alleyways finding some fun art and architecture. Asheville is full of creative and unique areas, small businesses and artists who love showcasing their work. It's easy to find a photo-worthy location on foot!

Of all of those listed above, I think my top pick (aside of the rooftop garages) is the Grove Arcade. Located right in the heart of Downtown Asheville and it is completely encompassing of the old architecture and modern feel of the city. To see some other wedding photos at this spot, check out our Asheville Airbnb Wedding post from a few weeks ago. We hit all the best downtown spots and it was so much fun!

Mark and Carrie running towards the photographer full of laughter.
Mark twirling Carrie around as she holds her skirt and her hair blows across her face.
The couple cuddled up together giving the camera a serious face.
The couple holds hand apart from one another with the Asheville skyline painted behind them.
Bride and groom reaching out their hands towards one another and their fingers nearly touching.
Mark leaning his head on his fiance looking off into the distance and she cuddles into him.
Gorgeous, cloudy sky over the couple during their downtown Asheville engagement session.
The two of them gazing into one another's eye with their reflection in a mirror.
The couple's reflection holding hands in a rain puddle on the rooftop parking deck.
Close up of the two snuggling together and Carrie's arm wrapped around Mark's.