When it comes to weddings, many couples dream of grand celebrations with lavish venues, gorgeous landscapes, and a large gathering of loved ones and closest friends. However, a 2023 emerging wedding trend is challenging the traditional wedding planning with the more intimate and personal indoor studio elopement. Breaking away from tradition, studio elopements offer a unique experience that focuses solely on the couple, their love story, and the details of their relationship. In this blog post, we'll explore the perks of planning an indoor studio elopement and provide you with a complete checklist of everything you'll need to create an unforgettable and intimate celebration.

Perks of an Indoor Studio Elopement

Intimacy and Focus

One of the greatest advantages of an indoor studio elopement is the ability to create an intimate atmosphere exclusively for you and your partner. With no distractions or external pressures, you can truly focus on the most important aspect of the day – your love and commitment to each other. The studio setting allows for undivided attention, fostering a true focus on closeness and shared moments.

However, choosing this route doesn't mean you have to miss out on sharing the day with your close friends and family. The studio from this elopement was a rather spacious studio and could probably hold around 20 guests if you did opt to invite people.

Tip: If you are super set on having an intimate ceremony, you can always share that moment with a studio elopement and then invite guests to a party or post-wedding celebration.

A Built-In Weather Plan

Funnily enough, it was so rainy the day we photographed this elopement. But it didn't matter since we were completely inside the entirety of the day. Outdoor weddings, although gorgeous, can be unpredictable when it comes to weather predictions. I know that most of my couples mention this as a big worry for their day. By opting for an indoor studio elopement, you eliminate weather-related concerns. You won't have to worry about rain, heat, or cold temperatures interfering with your plans, ensuring a stress-free celebration!

Tip: Have hair and makeup come to the studio for getting ready, then you won't have to worry about going outside in the elements at all before the ceremony begins.

Creative Freedom

A studio environment provides a blank canvas for your imagination to run wild. Whether you prefer a minimalistic aesthetic, an elaborate theme, or a specific color scheme, you have complete creative control over the design and decor of your space. You can work closely with a professional stylist or artist to bring your vision to life, ensuring that every element reflects your unique taste and personalities. Jaimielie and Kyle chose to keep it minimal, while tying everything together with the dried floral arches- they were just so stunning!

Cost Effectiveness

Planning a studio elopement often proves to be more budget-friendly than traditional, larger weddings. By eliminating the need for a large venue, extensive catering, and elaborate decorations, you can allocate your resources to areas that matter most to you. This financial freedom allows you to invest in quality photography, videography, or even a luxurious honeymoon experience.

Taken on both digitally and on 35mm film

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Essential Elements for Your Studio Elopement:

Although planning a smaller more intimate elopement is much differently than planning a larger wedding, there are still some important aspects that go forgotten when downsizing. Here a few tips that I've accumulated over my 10+ years of being a wedding photographer!

  1. Details Matter: This is probably most important. You still need to bring all those important and sentimental details that you would bring for your photographer if you were having a large wedding. Don't forget the invitations, ring boxes, ribbons and extra florals. Since you won't have all the reception detail photos, these help photographers tell the full story while showcasing the small details that matter the most.
  2. Music: Although you might not need the full DJ experience, you'll want to set the ambiance by playing something to set the romance. I suggest bringing a Bluetooth speaker and having a friend or vendor start and stop the playlist for the short ceremony.
  3. Use Florals to your Advantage: It's no secret how much I loveee flowers. They can really set the scene for a romantic vibe for the day. Use your florist to your biggest advantage! If possible, even have them come tour the space and give you their best suggestions for arbor/arches and flower types. Be sure to show them your dress and outfits so they can also make sure the florals coexist well.