Graduate Nashville Hotel is honestly one of the best wedding venues in Nashville and I can say that with confidence. We had the incredible pleasure of working there recently for a small, intimate hotel wedding for Kimberly and Nick. It was so much fun and the staff were so accommodating of us and let us use the entire lobby for some amazing photos! As usual, we shot this elopement on both digital and film- below are the film scans that I just got back this week from the lab (Indie Film Lab has my heart). I'm OBSESSED WITH THIS FILM, Y'ALL. So proud of it and just cannot wait to share this post with the world so everyone else can enjoy it too!

Wedding details laid out on a table including an invitation and cowboy boot earrings.

Graduate Nashville Hotel Wedding

I have so much to say about this hotel- so many GOOD things! We were quite literally blown away from the second we walked into the lobby entrance. It's such a vibe- it's bright, eclectic, and really channels your inner girly-girl. The walls plastered with some of the most unique and gorgeous wallpaper I've ever seen-flowers, butterflies, glitter and more. Every inch of the place embodies Dolly and it is such an awesome experience. It is a MUST SEE in Nashville, even if you aren't a bride or bridesmaid. Although it's the best spot in town for bachelorette parties by a landslide.

I highly recommend visiting in the summer so that you can really enjoy the rooftop bar and pool. It was a little too cold for us since this was a March wedding, but we're planning on visiting again when we come back into town for another Nashville wedding in June.

White Limozeen Rooftop Bar

Arguably this best part of the hotel is the White Limozeen- it's an indoor/outdoor rooftop bar that also has a rooftop pool. It's absolutely covered head to toe in pink and all things glittery. Although we weren't able to take photographs in the dining room since this was during dinner hours, we were able to go out on the rooftop and take some couples portraits of the giant Dolly head against a great view of the Nashville city behind her. If a city view is important you, you likely won't find a better spot that this one. And since there were a few bachelorette groups outside with us, Kimberly got the hype-up as we photographed them! A few gals even asked to have their photo taken with her because she looked like such an icon.

Our favorite features from the Graduate

  • The Poindexter Cafe located in the lobby- We stayed a total of four days at the hotel and hit this spot up every single day, multiple times a day. They have a killer Chai Latte that I'm still dreaming of to this day.
  • Glittery Wallpaper- Did I mention the wallpaper actual GLITTERS?? Ahh, I loved it so much! It was super hard to catch on camera, but I was able to get a few good shots of it in the bride and groom elevator photos.
  • Local Creators Art- When you check into your room and turn the TV on for the first time, there is a "hotel" channel that specially talks about all of the amazing features that this specific Graduate hotel holds. Almost all of the art located throughout the lobby and in the rooms are created by small business owners and artists. If you know me, you know how important it is to me to support local and small businesses how and whenever I can. There is a huge hand-crafted shag rug of Minnie Pearl hanging right above the check-in counter, countless hand painted art pieces, and a handmade Dolly head created from pink chicken wire. You just have to see it all for yourself to really see it's beauty!
  • White Limozeen Brunch- There are so many amazing restaurants located around downtown Nashville, but if you are staying in this hotel, eating at the WL is a must. And although we loved every meal we ate there, their Sunday brunch was straight up out of this world. I don't think we left a single bite of food on our plates and their freshly squeezed juices were a hit as well. It's just an amazing girls day out event that you have to do while you are in town!

Overall, we can safely say we will return and hope to have many Graduate Nashville Hotel Weddings in the future!

All images below were shot on 35mm film

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