Hopefully, you've made it here to our page because you are currently searching for a Nashville Elopement Photographer. Or maybe you are just here because you're a blog regular and I'm happy about that as well! But if it's option one, I'm going to fill your mind with all types of information about why you might want to hire us to photograph your upcoming city wedding!

My first trip to Nashville was in the winter of 2021 when my son was referred to the local children's hospital for his medical issues (which are now resolved and we highly recommend Monroe!). I immediately fell in love with the area. Most of you know by now what a love I have for a gorgeous city skyline and although I was born and raised in the mountains, the city is where most of my passion for photography truly lies. So I honestly felt so alive getting to photograph this absolutely gorgeous downtown Nashville elopement.

Nashville Elopement Photographer

Okay, so technically I'm an Asheville elopement photographer- but don't let that change your mind about hiring us. Because after over ten years of working in the wedding industry, I've learned enough to know how to price myself so that I don't have to tack on any extra travel fees for weddings in the U.S. It's kind of amazing, actually! So even though I live in Asheville, I can still photograph your TN wedding and be there to celebrate all the best parts, and capture the important memories while also enjoying some southern comfort food. In fact, we are already planning on being back for another wedding in June of next year.

With all that being said, let's get to the fun stuff! I'm so glad you're here and wandering around the internet interested in seeing more elopements and weddings in Nashville and I would love to be a part of your incredible journey.

Emma leaning her head on her new husband with the Nashville skyline behind them.

Eloping in Downtown Nashville

If you are strictly interested in doing a 2-3 hour elopement experience in the city, then downtown is the perfect place for you. It's absolutely stunning and one of my favorite city views. When talking with Emma Grace and Alexander, we wanted something that really showcased the gorgeous city skyline while also capturing the golden hour behind them. After running through several different options, we ended up deciding on the Pedestrian bridge. And what an awesome choice! You'll see below it was an incredible sunset elopement session. The two of them were already married and just opting for a couple's photo experience portraying them as eloping in downtown Nashville!

Picking A Nashville Wedding Venue

If you aren't eloping at the courthouse, picking your venue should be top off your list. Having an ideal date in mind is a good start, but try not to get married (pun intended) to that date as you may have to shift it around to adjust to the schedule of the venue. But if you book your vendors early enough, you'll usually get first pick! And believe me, there are some absolutely jaw-dropping venues in the area. One of our favorites is the Bridge Building Event Spaces, which just so happens to be located right below the bridge these elopement photos were taken atop of! It's a STUNNING event space and probably a bucket list venue for us. It overlooks the water and the sun sets right behind the skyline and shines through the windows into the ballroom.

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Elopement on 35mm Film

If you are new here, we also shoot almost all of our weddings and sessions on 35mm film. We offer it to our couples as a way to really capture their memories in a unique, vintage way and our clients absolutely love it. If you'd like to read a little more on what hiring a film wedding photographer may look like, check out our recent post here.

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John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge