Downtown Sunset Bridal Photos

Jasmine's downtown sunset bridal photos had me absolutely lovestruck over they sunsets in the city. Pre-wedding bridal photos aren't surrounded by as much of the hype as they used be back in the early 2000's. When I first got started in photography in early 2013, bridal sessions were still something that every bride of mine was planning on having done. After moving up to Washington D.C., I learned that they were predominantly a southern thing. Most of my northern brides had never even heard of them! Shortly after that, during our trip to Japan, I realized that pre-wedding photos are extremely common in the Asian cultures and communities. So truly, it's your choice! And I love that!

What are bridal photos?

Simply put, bridal photos are a way of honoring yourself as a bride with photos. I'm a huge fan for several different reasons, but most importantly, I love the fact that brides can capture themselves before the big day without feeling pressure from a timeline. They can use the photoshoot as a hair and makeup trial. And I highly, highly recommend trialing with your makeup artist and hair stylist before the big day comes. It's a lot easier to make any minor (or major) changes then without a freakout the day of the wedding. At that point, why not celebrate with bridal photos anyway!

Another huge plus to a pre-wedding bridal session is having the ability to do the photos somewhere besides your wedding venue- where all of your wedding photos will be taken. It's a nice way to mix it up and do them somewhere unique and fun. Lot's of my brides also have their bridal photos printed in an album for the wedding day. It's just one awesome way to honor the bride!

Downtown sunset bridal photos are just one of the many ways you can have your own session. If you could pick anywhere in the world to have your pre-wedding photos made, where would it be? Don't tempt me to hop on a plane and make it happen, girl!

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