Asheville Airbnb Wedding

Lauren and Paxton's Downtown Asheville wedding was an absolute DIY dream come true. They found an absolutely incredible Airbnb located just 10 minutes from the city and transformed it into a picture-perfect wedding venue.

With a small guest list, they were able to keep it quaint and cute. They invited just their closest friends and family. I met Lauren and Paxton for the first time during their engagement session. They opted for a Mountain View engagement session and a city vibe for the wedding day. So we all hopped in the cars and headed downtown the day-of. If you're a regular here, you know my love for a rooftop parking garage. It's my favorite spot in AVL. Although there are many choices, it's always a go-to for us. We just love the city views! And if you want to check out an engagement session in the same location, check out our Instagram.

Asheville Places For Wedding Photos

So we've covered the rooftop parking garages. Well more than once at this point (and many more to come!). Lots of my Asheville clients ask me prior to the wedding day what my favorite spots are around the city for a Downtown Asheville Wedding. And yes, that warrants it's own blog post sometime in the future. But I'll cover the two spots shown above from this day! Firstly, we chose was the Grove Arcade- located right in the heart of downtown. Paxton, our groom, mentioned his love for architecture and I knew right away it was the spot for them. The inside is elegant and gives a major vintage glam feel. Which is exactly the vibe I was getting from Lauren's bridal look. However, be prepared for lots of civilians hanging out in the background.

Secondly, after the Arcade, was Wall Street. Located just across the street from where we started, it's full of all kinds of gorgeous shops and it's just such a vibe. Lauren and Paxton grabbed coffee at Trade and Lore and shared a cup together before we headed back to the ceremony.

Okay, tell me. What are the best spots for wedding photos in Asheville? Or your favorites? Can't wait to hear them!