Although there may honestly be too many to count, today I'm listing 7 Reasons To Get Married in Vegas. And truthfully, I cannot say enough amazing things about packing a bag and crossing the country to elope with your best friend. I'm a huge fan of throwing out tradition and doing something fun and spontaneous. My own wedding was certainly unique and I knew from the beginning that I wanted to create a wedding atmosphere that I could use to show my clients how easy it can be to get married the way you want!

7 Reasons To Get Married in Vegas 

Alright, friends! Let's get right into to fun stuff-

#1) Because it's so much fun

No, really. I could spend way too much time trying to convince you why you should trust me on this one. But a Las Vegas Elopement really just speaks for itself. For starters, it's impossible to visit the city without having an incredible time. That is, if you enjoy staying out late, mixed drinks, gambling, exotic shows, city lights and maybe best of all, desert for miles.

There are SO many exciting things to do. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Linq High Roller on the Linq Promenade
  • New York New York Roller Coaster
  • Downtown Fremont (Old Las Vegas)
  • The Neon Museum

#2) You'll save money

Shockingly, the average traditional wedding in the United States costs $35,000. Absolutely crazy, right? And although you might not think it, traveling across the country is still much cheaper than throwing a dinner party for 200 guests. Getting married at A Little White Wedding Chapel costs as little as $50. That's MUCH cheaper than any wedding venue in Asheville, NC. Typically those prices start in the thousands even during the winter months. If you chose to travel during off-season, you'll get crazy awesome deals on hotels and airline tickets.

#3) Keep it intimate

When my husband and I were planning our own wedding, we ran into so much stress when going through potential guest lists. It feels impossible to narrow down the very closest of family and friends. How do you choose your wedding guest list? It is one of the hardest parts of planning a wedding. One you narrow your list down, all other decisions fall into place but it's not as easy as it sounds!

Eloping in Las Vegas truly takes the hard part away. In fact, you don't even have to invite anyone at all. It can be you and your future spouse, your wedding photographer and your officiant. Five's a crowd!

#4) No Planning, No Stress

We've established that putting together a guest list is tough, but it goes far beyond that. Planning a full-day, 200+ guest wedding is absolutely draining and can truly be exhausting. The best part about packing a bag and flying to Vegas is that you have very little that you'll need to plan ahead of time.

Truthfully, most Chapel's around the city have multiple packages that you can choose from that include everything from floristry, transportation, officiant, etc. Although most include a cheaper priced photographer as well, remember that those photographers are only with you for the ceremony. Those packages don't include any type of-venue photography! So, hint-hint, be sure to hire an outside photographer so you can get an amazing, full day's worth of photos around the entire city and even the desert (if you'd like!).

#5) Built in Honeymoon

This one might be most obvious of all. You are flying all the to Sin City, so while you're there, CELEBRATE! Get married and then spend the rest of the week on a built-in honeymoon. If you're lucky, the hotel might even upgrade your suite for you! With this being said, you save money in yet another way by combining the two. Here are a couple of our favorite, most romantic Vegas hotels:

  • The Cosmopolitan
  • Flamingo Hotel & Casino
  • Paris Las Vegas

#6) Bachelorette and Bachelor Party

Hand-in-hand with the honeymoon, this destination wedding location makes a great spot for a girls trip or a guys trip to celebrate for a few days leading up to the nuptials. If you choose to take your close friends or family with you, this is such a fun part of the process. Vegas is wildly known for all of it's bachelorette glory. So many incredible things to do as we listed in the first point of this blog! But honestly, those points barely scratch the surface of all of the fun you can have together (dare I say, party bus???).

#7) Your Photographer can create MAGIC

If you take wedding photography as seriously as we do around here, then this may be closer to the top of your list. I know that so many of my clients dream of having that destination wedding they see all over their Pinterest feeds. And I'm here to tell you that it's absolutely possible to make those dreams come true. One of the best parts of my job is providing my couples with images that they always imagined having hanging across their walls. Packing my suitcase and following you across the country is my absolute pleasure, and I can promise you that I'll make sure we make the absolute most of the trip. All of my packages include timeline planning and photo location scouting. So you quite literally, only have to show up and I'll make sure to take care of the rest!

In the meantime, check out some of my favorite Vegas wedding photos as some inspo for your own Las Vegas Elopement!

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