Flash film wedding photography inspo check! Going into 2024, one of the biggest wedding photography trends to expect will be flash film photos and film photography in general. Film is making a MAJOR comeback, y’all! And we are so here for it and excited to tell you guys all about how and what to expect. If you landed on this page, you’re here to see some inspo for those gorgeous, vintage film photos with direct flash and we are here to serve. Let’s get in to it!

Flash Film Wedding Photography Inspo

We started offering film photography back in late 2022 and instantly fell in love with it. Some of my all-time favorite images are film images. They bring such a classic, retro vibe to your wedding photos and once you see film wedding photos, you’ll be hooked on hiring someone to bring that into your own gallery. In such a fast-paced world and industry, there’s just a nostalgic charm to film.

And while I must admit that I love the modern technology in the photo world, the artistry of shooting with a film camera is so magical. I’m excited to tell you all the reasons we love and offer it!

  • Timeless Aesthetics- OBVIOUSLY, right? Any direct camera flash, even digitally, adds a timeless yet vintage feeling to the photos. Using flash overrides the ambient lighting and gives it a very specific and special vibe that we just love. That, paired with the grainy and nostalgia film, really evokes a romantic feeling. It’s something that digital cameras have trouble replicating! And in my opinion, no one really can.
  • Unpredictability- One of the biggest joys of shooting film is the unpredictability of it all. Each frame is unique and intentional- something that only comes with shooting on older, film cameras. You can’t look at the back of your camera and find the images. Instead, you have to wait 3-4 business weeks for the lab to process and scan the images before you can see the results. I find myself being pretty impatient most times!
  • The Uniqueness of it All- A notion I have preached since the minute we picked up a film camera! Imagine having film wedding photos just the same as your own parents and grandparents had. It’s such an amazing thing to be able to say and share with people. We love getting to capture our client’s biggest life memories on film and knowing those images will be passed down for generations to come.

Should I hire a film wedding photographer?

I don’t know- should you??? I’m not here to try and sway you one way or the other, but I am here to help YOU decide whether or not it’s something you would want for your own wedding and bridal experience. I am a full-time film wedding photographer and bridal educator located in Asheville, NC. And I’m making it my mission to educate clients on all the wedding planning questions, especially regarding film photography and why you may want to consider it for your big day.

I have dozens of film based blog posts that talk more in depth about the experience. If you are interested, start here and view a preview film gallery. And if you are on the fence, you may find your mind changed by the end of your search!