If you are looking for Fall Family Photo outfit inspiration, you have made it to the right place on the internet! This post is all about how to pick your family's outfits for your upcoming fall photos with your favorite photographer. One of the most asked questions I receive as a family photographer is, "What Should I Wear For Family Photos?". Truthfully, I can't pick for you. And most importantly, I want you to wear something that you feel completely and totally comfortable in so you will love the way you look at the end result. This blog is just to help you mismatch outfits and bring color theory into play as you look to purchase new clothes or use what you already have readily available in your closet.

Colorful Fall Family Photo Outfits

If you want to go for a bolder look or something that might pop out against the background, this is one of the palettes we recommend. A few of our favorite bolder colors are:

  • Marigold or Burnt Orange
  • Different shades of Sage Green
  • Maroon, terracotta, or burgundy
  • Navy

Below, we've put together an example of a set of family outfits with some of these colors. If you are using this type of color scheme, it's important to stay cohesive throughout the pieces and mismatch the colors across the family members. No two members should be wearing the exact same shade in the exact same place. For example, Dad can wear a pair of dark burgundy pants and Mom can wear a burgundy sweater (different shades are fine). But they both shouldn't wear burgundy sweaters. The same shade of color can be featured in multiple places as long as they are different types of clothing.

Are you still with me?!


Next, we'll talk about the best part of every outfit: accessories!

I also highly suggest layering colored accessories with neutrals to give them a pop. Such as a neutral shirt, bold suspenders, and a matching bold hat for the baby. Or a colorful scarf with a neutral sweater and bold earrings.

Other fun ways to incorporate color are through a bold pair of shoes, belts, or cardigans.

Fall family photo outfit inspiration it you are looking for a colorful scheme.
Mom of three cuddling her baby as her older kids hug her on each side.
Three sweet little babies sitting together in a grass field for a family photo.

Our Favorites

Neutral Color Palette Fall Outfits

If colors aren't your thing and you are looking for a more toned-down, neutral scheme for your family, then I've got you. This is my own personal choice when planning photos for my own little family! You cannot go wrong with neutrals and I always recommend them. When it comes to neutrals, solids are always the move and the trick to a good, neutral color palette.

Here are a few go-to shades to consider:

  • Tans and Beiges
  • White and Ivory
  • Light and Dark Brown
  • Muted Mustards
  • Peach
  • Black (my absolute favorite!)

One of the best parts of using neutral tones is that you can literally mismatch the colors and any articles of clothing in any way you want and it still looks totally incredible. But even so, the rule still applies, no two people should be wearing the same color solids as another.

If you are looking for neutral family photo outfit ideas, this is the chart to refer to!
Mom and baby cuddle together during a studio session.
Mama holding her baby up as dad cuddles in for a fall family photo.

Our Favorites

Now that you've mastered your Fall Family Photo outfit inspiration, time to book your own session!