I am absolutely over the moon excited to be able to finally share the news that I was voted Best Wedding Photographer in Asheville. Every year, the local Asheville Media Group hosts a Best of Asheville competition with hundreds of different categories and winners. We were nominated and are so proud to say that we won GOLD! I am speechless. I consider this to be one of the biggest accomplishments of my career and I am completely blown away with the love and support from all our our followers, fans and friends.

2022 Winner for Best Wedding Photographer in Asheville

Best Wedding Photographer in Asheville

This is such an accomplishment and I can't believe I get to share this news with you all. When I got the call back in late September, I was sworn to secrecy until the magazine released on November 17th. So to say I was dying to share with all my followers is an understatement! I've been an Asheville wedding photographer for almost 10 years and truly love it as much as I did from the very first start of my career. I've had the most incredible clients and been blessed to continue a friendship with them for years following our time together. The best part of it all is getting to photograph their little families growing and meeting all of their littles each fall or holiday season.

View my Gold feature here: Best Of Asheville 2022 Photographer

Bride sitting in a window shot on 35mm Kodak film.

Taken with 35mm Kodak Film

What We Do

If you've made it this far, and I hope you have, I now get to share with you a little more about what we do as photographers in Asheville and what it's like to work with us for some of the biggest moments in your lifetime (no pressure on us, huh!). But we pride ourselves in going above and beyond to make sure that all of our clients feel loved, appreciated and walk away feeling like they made the best decision ever by choosing us. You only get one choice in a wedding photographer and it's important that it's the right choice.

Our Philosophy

After proudly serving the Asheville (and beyond!) area for almost ten years, I feel like I know a little bit about the wedding industry and I find it very important that I use that knowledge to better my client experiences. Something I offer that I feel is extremely helpful is extensive timeline planning. For the majority of my clients, they have never planned a wedding in their lives. They almost always have no idea how to set-up their day-of timeline. I always make sure that I carefully plan each event of the day in a timeline that is efficient, effective and utilizes every minute of their wedding photography package.

I am also a huge believer in making sure that our clients leave with prints in their hands so they have a physical momentum to remember their day by. It's so important to us knowing that something tangible will be handed down throughout generations, put in frames about the fireplace and held in the hands of your loved ones. We offer a print gallery directly through each gallery, wall art and albums. It's so special seeing our clients leave their journey with us having physical products.

How are we different?

This is a big one, and a really important part of the booking process when you are looking for a wedding photographer. Because it is no secret that there are thousands of Asheville wedding photographers to choose from. Why should you go with us?

Here are some reasons you might want to choose us to capture the good stuff!

  • Over 10 years of wedding photography experience
  • Voted Best of Asheville, voted into The Knot Hall of Fame and award-winning in the WPPI Print Competition
  • Hybrid photographers who shoot digital as well as 35mm film
  • Over 80+ 5-star reviews from real clients and couples who have worked with us
  • Super fun, loves to laugh and has a really hard time saying goodbye at the end of the night!

Hi, I'm Taylor!

It isn't all about the accolades (although that does matter!). The best photographer for you has a combination of all the services you want and a personality that you feel is a good match for you and your partner. I always try and get each of my inquiring clients to hop on a phone call or a Facetime so that we have the chance to really connect before moving forward with the booking process.

More About Me

I started photography when I was 16 years old. At the time, it was just a fun class I was taking in high school to pass the time and give me the chance to leave school with my best friend and go eat lunch. Funnily enough, only one of us went on to be a speech therapist (surprise, it wasn't me!).

I moved to Washington DC at 18 years old and worked as an intern for a White House News Photographer. I almost immediately knew that this was my calling- politics, not so much. So I moved back to Asheville and started photographing weddings full time.

Shortly after, I met my husband, settled down and started a family. We have a gorgeous little boy named Edison who I often compare to Donny Thornberry but that's here nor there.

A few facts about me:

  • I'm 6'0 even and fairly used to towering over everyone!
  • I wear my retainer every single night, so I'm quite the rule-follower
  • I have never eaten a hamburger- I was a pescetarian for 10 years before converting back when I got pregnant with my son
  • My husband and I got married on Halloween-black dress and all (and likely nothing at all what you are imagining right now)

This is us.

Also known as Mom & Dad

Although I'm the face of the business, if you work with me, you'll likely work with my husband as well.
And if you work with me, you'll definitely hear me talk about my favorite little wild boy, Edison. My 2-year-old son who wakes me up promptly at 7AM every single day.

More About Me

Let's talk more about your wedding day and how I can make it perfect!