If you are looking for a Knoxville Film Wedding Photographer, I'm so incredibly glad you've made it here to my page. And I have to be transparent with you from the start of this post, I technically reside in Asheville, North Carolina. But it's neither here nor there since the majority of our weddings are destination weddings! I say this while I currently have 30 Chrome tabs open while planning our trip to Dublin, Ireland for a destination Irish wedding in June. Travel is included in all our of packages so you never have to worry about anything extra added after the fact.

AC and Kit standing towards the sun and their shadows are on the wall behind them.

Knoxville Film Wedding Photographer

I met my own husband-which feels like a lifetime ago-back in 2016. We met online by complete chance, and nearly fell in love instantly. All this to say, although he was currently living in Johnson City, TN, he was raised in the city limits of Knoxville. We spent the first few years of our relationship going on dates around Knox County and making sure it was a large part of our own love story.

Because of that, we have a huge place in our hearts for the city.

I'm so lucky to be able to come into town often to shoot weddings and engagement sessions. It's a beautiful city that really embraces a historic feel and The Emporium Knoxville embodies that vibe the most. To read a little more about the details of The Emporium, click here. It's a fantastic choice if you are still looking for a Knoxville wedding venue- historic, industrial, artsy.

However, there are plenty of other wonderful options. Here are a few other venues that we absolutely love in the area:

  • Candoro Marble Building- Oh, this is a good one also. We recently shot a wedding at the Candoro building and it's so easy to love. It's a high-end venue that caters to smaller weddings but feels like a luxury wedding venue in Italy.
  • The Quarry Venue- An extremely unique but gorgeous venue inside of a marble quarry. It brings a modern, romantic vibe that makes for some unbelievably stunning couples portraits. It's also packed full of some important Knoxville history. It's a great choice!
  • Ramble Creek Venue- This one is just a little bit outside of the city but well worth the trek. It's an elegant, romantic barn-style venue if you are wanting something a tad bit more rustic. I had the pleasure of visiting this venue as a guest first (never happens!!) and we enjoyed the atmosphere immensely. We definitely recommend them and they come with raving reviews!

College Love Story: Anna Claire and Kit

I met Anna Claire and Kit through a mutual friend, Hanna. Hanna and Richard were my clients back in early 2022 and from the minute I met them, I knew it would be a forever kind of friendship. So when she sent Anna Claire my way, we were an instant match. Truly, I am so thankful for the four of these amazing clients and grateful to have been a part of the best days of their lives. If you'd like to see more from Hanna and Richard's downtown Asheville elopement, click here! Super romantic, intimate and family-focused. One of our favorite days of all time. It truly embraced the feeling of eloping at the courthouse and how exciting it really can be. Did I mention the private chef at the post-ceremony dinner?

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Film is Not Dead

It's true and I'll be the first to say it! Film is making a huge comeback and I'm absolutely thrilled to be able to be able to create photos using such a vintage art. I have a couple different film photography resources if you are still on the fence about hiring a film wedding photographer and need that little push. Check out this blog post where I go into a little more detail about why you should hire someone who can shoot your wedding on film: https://www.taylorparkerphotography.com/blog/film-wedding-photography/

I'm not here to convince you, because I truly believe the film work speaks for itself! But it's always nice to be able to weigh your options and see it for yourself. Here is a little more of our own film portfolio. Click here to see the photos.