Ireland Wedding Photography just so happens to be something we are lucky to do yearly. We are destination wedding photographers who travel the world each year photographing the biggest and best days of people's lives. And I'm thrilled the internet brought you here. This blog post is going to talk all about our process, pricing and experience as Ireland Wedding Photographers and all of the in-betweens. We'll also explore the myriad reasons why getting married in Ireland could be the perfect choice for you.

The Cliffs of Moher in Ireland Wedding Photography.

Ireland Wedding Photography

Our first visit to Ireland was in June of 2023. We had the incredible opportunity to photograph a destination wedding at the Loughcrew Estate in County Meath, Ireland. We stepped foot off the plane and immediately knew our lives would never be the same after that trip. And although we loved Dublin, once we started our journey through the island, we fell in love. There are truly no words to describe just how gorgeous it really is. Photos and videos sincerely don't do it justice. When you are standing on the edge of the Cliffs of Moher, looking out into the water, the air is just so clean and healing. It's truly an experience you cannot get elsewhere, and we are so thankful that our clients trust us enough to allow us to keep returning.

Having an Ireland Destination Wedding

So, what does Ireland really have to offer and why should you consider it for your own destination wedding?

To us, there really isn't a better place on Earth to have a wedding and we have experienced that several times as proof. The island is small, but it packs quite the punch. You can travel from one side of the country to the other in as little as 3 hours by bus or train. That makes it easy for you to explore all the best parts of it.

Three words.


I'm from the States, where we have plenty of countryside to drive through. But there is nothing like an Irish countryside, y'all. I highly recommend getting out of Dublin and exploring the BEST parts of the country. Seeing the sheep, the castles and the ruins. It will change your life. The views are just breathtaking, and you can't find them anywhere else like you can in Ireland.

One of Ireland's most endearing qualities is the warmth and friendliness of its people. The hospitality you'll experience in Ireland is unparalleled, making you and your guests feel welcome and cherished. The genuine friendliness of the locals can turn your wedding celebration into a joyous and unforgettable experience.

We live in the U.S. so how does that work?

That's an easy one! We fly all over the world photographing weddings and Ireland is just another place we frequent with the luxury of two plane tickets. We are frequent fliers, and Ireland is on our yearly list of places we visit for work. Ireland wedding photography is our jam, and we have no plans to change that!

Our Ireland Destination Wedding clients usually find us somewhere on the Internet (like this blog post or Instagram) and then contact us about their date.

From there, we send over our pricing- 2-to-3-day coverage is $6,500+ and that does not include the plane tickets. Plane tickets average roughly $2,000 for one ticket. So totaling around $10k+ for photo investment with us. That's within industry standard for destination wedding photography!

That includes nonstop needed coverage for 3 days. The day before, the day of the wedding, and a post-wedding session somewhere awesome like the Cliffs of Moher.

What does the photography process look like?

We value ourselves in being very hands-off, documentary style photographers. That means, for the most part, we are just there, taking it all in. We are kind of like paparazzi in the shadows for a few days. We capture all the small moments of you guys having dinner with your closest family and friends, surrounding the outdoor fireplace, or even hiking the Cliffs. Documentary photography is very much all about the moments, and that it something that is really important to us when capturing our clients in their elements.

A Dream Wedding Destination

Choosing Ireland as your wedding destination truly promises a romantic, culturally rich, and unforgettable experience. Not just for you, but for your visiting guests as well. From the breathtaking landscapes to the warm hospitality of its people, Ireland provides a magical backdrop for the celebration of love. If you dream of a wedding that is as unique and special as your love story, Ireland may just be the perfect place to say, "I do." And we hope we get to join you along the journey as your Ireland wedding photographers!

Ireland Wedding Vendors

We've got you covered! We've worked with some of the best Irish vendors you can find in the country, and I wrote a full, detailed blog post with the list of them. You can find that by clicking here!

The Loughcrew Estate Wedding Venue from Ireland Wedding Photographers.

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