My first time getting to see the Engaged Asheville Wedding Space was not actually as a working wedding professional. I was a member of the gym right across the street, and just so happened so find a parking spot next to the space. That was the first time I was introduced to it, and I always admired it from the big picture windows of the YMCA as I ran the treadmill. It wasn't until a year or so later that I got to enter the space as an Asheville wedding photographer and I immediately fell in love.

Just recently, I crossed paths with Candace, the owner. We reconnected and I was asked to attend the holiday party and photograph the event before the guests arrived as a way to capture all the incredible little details and effort put into it all.

I was absolutely blown away to see it again and see all the progressive changes made towards catering to couples in the area. And I'd love to share all of what I know about Engaged to help potential clients!

A 35mm shot of disco balls reflecting from the camera flash.

Engaged Asheville - Wedding Space and Vendor Team

The Engaged Asheville space really honors it's clients and vendors. It's both a place for vendors and creatives to work and a space for engaged couples to celebrate. Truly an all-around incredible place to be. Not to mention, it's STUNNING. Gorgeous white walls, exposed piping, a small kitchen, floral wallpaper- a modern and luxurious space to incorporate into your wedding plans.

I'm A Bride To Be

After I posted a few of these images on our Instagram, I actually had a really close friend of mine reach out saying that she was absolutely in love with this space and needed to know more. How could she incorporate this into her own planning process? Because it just HAD to happen! She knew she was planning a rather large wedding, so the space wouldn't work for her as a wedding venue. How could she possibly add this amazing spot into her wedding journey?

SOOOO many ways! Here are some options you can consider when thinking of booking the Engaged Asheville Event Space:

  • You can book it for your engagement party to celebrate your new engagement with your closest friends and family
  • Instead of using an Airbnb or Hotel, you can reserve the space the morning of your wedding for you and your girls to get ready and share mimosas together. It's a dream "getting ready" space for photographers!
  • Cater your rehearsal dinner here instead of going the restaurant route
  • Have your Bachelorette party at Engaged- it's an high end spot to have fun with your girls!
  • Talk with your photographer about renting the space to use as a studio for your bridal portraits- I highly recommend doing this if you want a classic, clean but elegant studio bridal session before the wedding.
  • Lastly, use the venue as a bridal shower space. It's absolutely elevated and it will blow your friends and family out of the water.

I'm A Wedding Vendor

Oh, hey girl! Same! I discovered Engaged and never looked back. It's truly above any other studio space I've had the opportunity to work at and I find myself fawning over it more often than I care to admit. So what are the ways you can use Engaged for yourself and your own wedding (or non-wedding) business?

  • Rent the space to use as a studio space for styled or clients shoots- the tall, white walls and huge windows are an amazing combo that make it a perfect photo spot. It's also a perfect spot if you want to have your own vendor branding photos made. It's equip with a stylish work table so you can set up your laptop for a few shots.
  • Host elevated client meetings- I know COVID pushed us into a world of Zoom meetings. But for those of you who are back to meeting clients over coffee, this is a great option. You no longer have to stress about not having your own out-of-home workspace to have your clients for a pre-wedding chat.
  • Host your events! I know another photographer who just had a huge Galentine's Day event for her own business at Engaged. It was so incredibly gorgeous!
  • Attend the Engaged Events and meet tons of new wedding connections and vendor friends (friendors!!)- My FAVORITE! I've enjoyed getting to party and share the fun while also mingling and connecting with others in the same industry. I've made some amazing friends and I'm so grateful for that!
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A mixture of photos taken both digitally and on 35mm film

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