Couple holding hands during wedding ceremony at The Venue Asheville.

The Venue Asheville is one of the best venues that the city has to offer, and we are always so excited to get to work with them. We shot this wedding as an associate for a great friend and photographer in Asheville, NC- Ashley Ricci Photography. She reached out and asked if I was available and it was a no-brainer to accept such an awesome wedding at one of my favorite spots downtown. Below, I list all of the reasons why you should consider this gorgeous event space as your own place to tie the knot!

The Venue Asheville

Over the past year, we've really been niching down our style and our weddings to bring a more classic, city vibe to our portfolio. It's my jam and you probably already know that if you are familiar here. Our first time shooting at The Venue Asheville was back in 2019 and it's a constant go-to on our list of referrals. It's truly beautiful. That's the best way I can possibly describe this breathtaking space.

My favorite part of this venue is all of the available architecture. One of the biggest influences on how I create my art and what moves me as an artist is an architecture in and around the locations we shoot. I simply love it: solid white walls, exposed brick, interesting ceilings, or tile. I'm also a huge fan of windows and this location has so very many windows. Not only that, but they also have rounded doorframes which makes my heart flutter! How gorgeous does Ryan's wedding dress look hanging in the doorway below? I was absolutely obsessed!

What The Venue Has To Offer

Here are a few of our favorite features at The Venue in Asheville:

  • The Second Story- A second, huge open space with a balcony with gorgeous natural light. It's a great place for getting ready with your bridesmaids or for cocktail hour. It has exposed beams and multiple chandeliers which really bring an elegant touch to the space.
  • Wall-to-Wall Windows- The main event space located on the lower floor is the show-stopper. If you are looking for a place with natural light, this is the perfect venue for you. The windows take up two walls of floor-to-ceiling light. It's every wedding photographer's dream come true. They also have white, lace curtains hanging to diffuse the harsh light and it feels so incredibly dreamy. Scroll below to see Ryan and Michael's couples portraits in front of them during a sunset- stunning!!
  • Downstairs Cocktail Space- The first-level cocktail space is another awesome feature that really brings a lot to the table when considering an Asheville wedding venue. It's a huge space with multiple seating areas, a large island for hors d'Oeuvres, and a bar for themed drinks. Not only that but there is a curtain blocking the main event space so that the staff can flip the room from ceremony to reception without anyone even noticing!

  • Downtown Asheville Things To Do- One of the best parts about this spot is the location. It's located right in the heart of downtown Asheville and it's the perfect place for any type of party or event. Right next door is the AC Hotel Asheville- making it a great spot for your out-of-town guests to stay for the weekend and a convenient spot to get ready before the wedding day begins. A few of our go-to downtown Asheville things to do are:
  1. Bun Intended Brick and Mortar in the SW Hall
  2. French Broad Chocolate Company
  3. Friday evening drum circles in Pritchard Park
  4. Asheville Museum of Science (this one is great for kiddos!)
  5. The Grove Arcade Shopping Center
Ryan holding her bouquet while underneath her wedding veil.
Bride and groom with their foreheads together snuggling underneath the veil.

Certified Asheville Wedding Planners

Another plus to booking with them is that they require a wedding planner to be present for the full wedding day. And maybe you aren't sure you even want or need a planner? Well, you definitely do. As a wedding professional in the industry for ten years, I can assure you that hiring a coordinator or planner is one of the best decisions you can make as a bride-to-be.

And knowing that this venue requires a planner just proves to me that they mean business. It's a good sign that they care enough about the success of your day to make sure you are totally covered!

Not only that, but we ADORE our Asheville wedding planners and couldn't do it all without them. They make sure the timeline runs smoothly and are great assets to us as wedding photographers.

Long-sleeved, lace wedding dress hanging in the archway of the door.
Ryan's high heels holding her diamond engagement ring.
A pulled back image of the bride's wedding gown hanging in the rounded doorframe.
Ryan holding her wedding bouquet and looking off into the distance.
Three wedding rings placed in the circles of the tile on the floor.
Ryan holding her bouquet in the doorway of the bridal suite.
Ryan walking off towards the doorway to look outside and see her groom.
Bridesmaids bouquet placed in a vase on the reception table.
Groom buttoning his suit jacket getting ready for the ceremony to begin!
Champagne glasses sit on a champagne wall ready for the cocktail hour to begin.
The bride and groom exchange vows in the market room at The Venue in Asheville, NC.
The couple celebrates as their friends and families cheer as they walk down the aisle.
The couple is standing behind some gorgeous wedding drapery.
The couple's silhouette holding hands in front of the huge picture windows.

Let's work together!