Best Wedding Dress Accessories
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Best Wedding Dress Accessories


• Floral headpiece or Bridal Flower Crown

It's no secret that we love a gorgeous flower crown to top off the perfect bridal look. A couple of years ago, this trend took off in the wedding photography world and the hype has only gotten bigger since then. If you are wanting a boho themed wedding, then this should definitely be your go-to accessory. Your florist can match the headpiece to your bridal bouquet to make them a perfect pair.

• Wedding Veil

Possibly our all-time favorite way to bring drama to your wedding day look. Seriously, we are way too obsessed with wedding veils. If you follow us, you know that already. We LOVE to use them to create drama and movement in couples and bridals portraits. The best part is that they come in so many different shapes and sizes - giving you the option to pick a veil that is perfect for your personality and perfect for your wedding dress.

• Bridal Cape

If you are looking for something more on the unique side, bridal capes are unexpected and yet so awesome. Especially if you are having a winter outdoor wedding with colder temperatures, this is a great way to look stylish while also keeping yourself warm during outdoor couples portraits. But who needs cold temps to wear one? Wear it anyway! It's your wedding, your way. And we are always supportive of unique wedding inspiration.

• Belt

The most popular accessory yet, the bridal belt is always a classic show stopper. Especially for our country, rustic weddings. It's typically for low-key and simple wedding dresses. It's a great way to add a little bling or drama without it being too overwhelming. You can also get jewelry that compliments the belt, tying your entire look together. Voila!

• Gloves

Another great option for a cold temps or outdoor wedding! Bridal gloves are a huge trend, and pair really well with a faux fur bridal stole. You can take them off for the ceremony, or leave them on and have your groom put your new band right over top of them. It is so cute, and one of our favorite trends.

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