Best Restaurants in DC and Alexandria, VA
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Best Restaurants in DC and Alexandria, VA

Dinner dates, for most of us, are where our love stories begin. Laura and Doug spent their first date right here, in this adorable little bar and grill in downtown Alexandria, VA. Singing karaoke together and enjoying a few drinks.

No matter what the restaurant may be, it is typically where we first make those first-date connections. It may be an elegant restaurant in Washington D.C. or a quaint, delicious diner in Alexandra. No matter where you go, it's all about the memories that are made.

This moment is your first look at each other. It's the deciding factor of whether there will be a second date. So remember... it's not about the most expensive restaurant you can afford, but it's about sparks that are created that night. There are a few ways you can go about it. For example, you could search "best restaurants in Washington D.C." or "comfort food in Alexandria, Virginia". Or maybe even, "where I can out-sing my date at karaoke". We just want to name a few of our favorite restaurants that we have always enjoyed:

We The Pizza-

Luke's Lobster-

GCDC Grilled Cheese Bar-

Rock It Grill-

Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse-

Location: 1319 King St, Alexandria, VA 22314.