Best Places to Visit in Washington DC
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Best Places to Visit in Washington DC

    Here is a list of some of, what we consider to be, the best places to visit in DC. They can range from monuments, shopping centers, and places to get some great crab legs -- just depends on the mood you're in.

    •Lincoln Memorial - The Lincoln Memorial is next to the National Mall and across from the Washington Monument. This Greek style temple is a beautiful Memorial and is one of the best tourist attractions in DC. Within this stunningly crafted structure, Abraham Lincoln himself sits high, surrounded by his inscriptions of two of his most famous speeches such as the Gettysburg Address and the second inaugural address. This is also the symbolic site where Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech was delivered. With history aside, the Lincoln Memorial is also a great place for engagement photos and wedding photos in the Washington D.C. area. (Lincoln Memorial official site) (National Mall and Memorial Parks official site)

    • The White House - If you're interested in seeing the current home of the President of the US, you can either view the White House from a distance, or you can go on a White House tour. Though you won't meet the president on a White House tour, you'll at least get to experience the history and art of the White House. You may ask yourself, "How do I request a White House tour"? That's easy. You must make a public tour request and submit it through a Member of Congress. After Jumping through all the hoops, you will eventually have a date to visit the White House's selected rooms. Even though you can't take commercial photography in the White House. You can still capture an iconic engagement photo outside the White House. (White House Tours & Events) (White House official site)

    •Meridian Hill Park- Meridian Hill is a beautiful park available to the public. In our eyes, this Italian style garden is a hidden gem tucked inside the city. It's a gorgeous getaway from the concrete jungle that is Washington D.C.. If we're being honest, this is one of the best places for engagement photos in Washington D.C.. You can also have your wedding at the Meridian Hill Park. The structures here are made of concrete aggregate and make for stunning photos. For example, the cascade fountain at Meridian Hill Park is one of the main attractions for this garden. Engagement and wedding photos of cascade fountain at Meridian Hill Park make for a truly captivating scene. Also, the stairwell photos you can capture here will take your breathe away. For more information visit: (Meridian Hill Park official site) (Meridian Hill Park tripadvisor)

    • John F. Kennedy Center of Performing Arts - Located on the banks of the Potomac River and close by the Lincoln Memorial, is one of the best views in Washington D.C., the John F. Kennedy Center. This center is for the Performing Arts and a living memorial to President Kennedy. The John F. Kennedy Center is rich in culture and in views of the city skyline. This is a perfect place to capture a wonderful moment. Engagement photos at the John F. Kennedy Center are second to none. This is one of the best places for engagement or wedding photos in Washington D.C. due to the view. And it's our go-to spot when we are in the city! (John F. Kennedy Center history) (John F. Kennedy Center official site)

    •United States Botanical Garden - This botanical gardens is one of the best attractions in DC, hands down. When you walk into the conservatory, it truly feels like you have walked into a different part of the world- definitely not in the big city. The indoor gardens offer attractions from the jungle, all the way to the desert. It's even better to visit it during the winter months, as a way to get out of the cold and into a warm, plant environment. We also love that it's just a short walk away from the best pizza in DC , We The Pizza.

    • The District Wharf - Of all of the secret spots to visit in DC, this one might be our favorite of all. Where DC meets the water, the Wharf offers everything from shopping, to restaurants, to sea-side crab leg shacks. It's also home to DC's most popular concert arena, Union Stage. During the summer and fall, they also have a totally awesome smores truck. So you can sit around the fire pit with your friends and enjoy a Smores sandwich. The Wharf is known for it's fresh seafood, and it's Potomac waterfront views. One of our personal favorite things to do at The Wharf is to hop on one of the Water Taxi Monuments Tours. You'll ride down the Potomac, with gorgeous views of the monuments. It's a real hidden gem!

    Location: 2 Lincoln Memorial Cir NW, Washington, DC 20037.